soma (somasonic) wrote,

i need your help!!

okay, gents and gentettes, i'm needing some IMAGINATORY AIDE from you.

let's say there was a website where, through a voting style competition, you could control someone's day-to-day opinions. things like religion, politics, diet, likes/dislikes, relationships; almost everything is up for grabs. pro-life or pro-choice? vegan or carnivore? sideburns? a full beard? shower every other week or two times a day?

WHAT WOULD BE THINGS THAT COULD BE VOTED ON? things seem to typically be opposites like pro choice vs. pro life, but can also be graduations like vegan-vegetarian-meat eater or selections like catholic-protestant-jewish-muslim-buddhist.

i'm dyin' here trying to think of some, and figure you can probably help me. if i get a good 40 questions or so things'll be kick kick kickin'!
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