soma (somasonic) wrote,

yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!

this dec comic made me want to die, several times. originally it was just going to be the hedgehog in the ninth panel going "1998!", buuuut then i was peer pressured into putting words in. i can't comprehend how i can work on something like this for five hours.

i will admit that it is, on at least one level, maybe sliiightly influenced by katamari damashi. or, perhaps, on many levels, very deeply. the biggest influence is me being hell-ass tired and ready to sleep, though. tomorrow i will engage in cautious battle against my CCFA test, which is a take home due exactly a day earlier than i thought it was. hip hip!

p.s., i lengthened this entry with tripe so that it would give the appearance that i am in fact using this to, you know, journalize my life. fooled you!
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