soma (somasonic) wrote,

festival of the game

sometime next month Bedlam, Inc. is going to bring to UVa that will, well, go somewhat unnoticed, i guess, but it will still be hella fun.

the preliminarily-named Festival of the Game will be multiple (?) days of the most intense videogaming ever seen at TJ's ol' University. It is going to be a series of tournaments in the latest and greatest (and oldest and boldest) competitive-minded videogames, possibly bringing bloodshed, but probably also bringing fun. Games will be played, i'm hoping, in the kally and maybe on the sides of some buildings. for the rad venues extend thanks to Luke Stacks, who actually went to the reservations office to see if he could reserve the kally for us through brown. also his doing that galvanized me to spend more than 4 hours thinking about how cool it would be, so once this does happen it's even more his fault.

i've been thinking about which games to play, and i'm not sure yet whether it will be a case of trying to think of more games or if we'll have to have tough culling decisions. here's some i've thought of: (and by thought of i mean can think of right now, and they aren't necessarily great ones.)

Dance Dance Revolution (hoo knows what mix(es), though)
Bomberman (Team Play?)
Street Fighter II Turbo
Mortal Kombat
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Hot Shots Golf Fore!
Mario Kart
Chu Chu Rocket
Samba De Amigo if we found someone with maraca controllers
one of those volleyball games. super smash?

i swear i've thought of more, but i'm not sure what they were now. help me out and give me ideas about more games, more angles, more anything, faithful livejournal readers! it is through your blood, sweat and tears that i am able to bleed, perspirate and cry!
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