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[14 Jul 2006|09:17pm]
I'm updating, right? Alterior motives: clearly in play. But you know, maybe the end result will really be splendid? And maybe it'll make you happy? Please don't be so bitter, buttercup!

Since we're all humans here, I'll go ahead and make the blanket statement if we don't eat, we die. If you'd rather not spend your life eating tall grasses and paint chips, I highly recommend snacksby.

Most recipe sites work like this:
you: hi there, i've got some green onions and a bagel and three bananas. have you got anything for me?

Snacksby, beyond simply being polite, works like this:
you: hi there, i've got some green onions and a bagel and three bananas. have you got anything for me?
snacksby: hello my fair gentle(wo)man! you don't want recipe #432 since it uses five bananas, and no to #900 since you are missing mustard... hmmm.. did you know green onions and scallions are the same? i'll look those up as well! i daresay you're only one ingredient away from recipe #265, and naught but two away from #28! And if you'd like anything else, just ask and I'll add it right to your shopping list! I guarantee you will enjoy your meal, and also the rest of your life.

If the difference between the two sites could be expressed within our number system, that number would be huge. Too bad our maths can't handle its awesome power!

Basically, Snacksby takes what you have and tells you what you can make. Googling "recipe scallions bananas pepper" turns up recipes that want like catfish or tahini and all kinds of things you clearly don't have. Snacksby doesn't do that! It also is anthropomorphically aware of measurements, and that 3 cups of onions is less than 5 cups of onions so it won't give you a recipe with more of an ingredient than you have.


You can save all of the food you have in your house on snacksby using your 'pantry,' and probably just live forever off of what it tells you you can eat. It can also keep track of your shopping list, which I can't even do myself. And sure, printing the list is easy but remember: remembering it is hard! But since we're all hi-tech and it's the 90s, we always have our cell phones on us - so you can just hit up snacksby on your phone and check your shopping list to see what you forgot and your pantry to see what you've already got. I programmed it but i am still blown away! to demonstrate:

*blown away, almost completely*

and there's probably more i forgot about!

so, if you cook, or you want to capture the heart of someone who cooks, or you never leave your house, or you breathe air every once in awhile: visit snacksby, try to love snacksby. and, if you're feeling especially cordial, feed it recipes.
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i need your help!! [24 Mar 2005|09:20pm]
okay, gents and gentettes, i'm needing some IMAGINATORY AIDE from you.

let's say there was a website where, through a voting style competition, you could control someone's day-to-day opinions. things like religion, politics, diet, likes/dislikes, relationships; almost everything is up for grabs. pro-life or pro-choice? vegan or carnivore? sideburns? a full beard? shower every other week or two times a day?

WHAT WOULD BE THINGS THAT COULD BE VOTED ON? things seem to typically be opposites like pro choice vs. pro life, but can also be graduations like vegan-vegetarian-meat eater or selections like catholic-protestant-jewish-muslim-buddhist.

i'm dyin' here trying to think of some, and figure you can probably help me. if i get a good 40 questions or so things'll be kick kick kickin'!
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scavhunt! [21 Mar 2005|01:44am]


it's april 21-24.

the name strikes fear into the hearts of many a youth, but why? i shall tell you why!:

it is because scavhunt is so incredibly awesome that there is no defense against it.

attempting to resist scavhunt's advances is much like a baby goat fighting a lion with a clotheshanger pierced through its nose: it doesn't make sense.

scavhunt is a scavenger hunt that happens between teams of 4-6 people. we release a list on thursday at midnight and you have four days (until sunday!) to come up with as many of the items as you can. some items you make, some you find, some you do, so it isn't quite run of the mill.

each item has a point value associated with it, and you can get anywhere from 0 points to the given value to more for an extra-special project, so it isn't about doing everything half-assed! or, maybe it is, but you just have to do a lot of things half-assed to make up for your lack of enthusiasm.

make a team or regret it forever!

also, if you like singing or dancing or acting or making a fool of yourself in public i think you should check out bedlam inc's avant guarde theater troupe (what? i mean guerilla troupe). even if you just like having fun, really, you should show up to our meeting on tuesday (march 22nd) at 7:30pm in the basement of newcomb.

yeah livejournals rule!!!!

speaking of livejournals and bloggy things i have a special semi-secret new project that's gonna get unveiled in a couple weeks i guess. get your hopes up!!!
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ein WEBSITE mit SCAVHUNT INFORMATION??? [08 Mar 2005|07:03pm]
cough cough scavhunt cough cough.
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changekateslife [03 Jan 2005|02:20pm]
you guys know i don't post in here except to advertise my janx, so i'm not apologizing!:

i feel bad harassing people personally to get involved with the greatest website on the planet, but the time has come!


ChangeKatesLife is a social encyclopedia, someone lame might say, a logging of life in general. It's similar to the content-generated-by-users encyclopedia Wikipedia, but HIPPER. we're hip as fucking FUCK.

Basically the deal is that there's like hundreds of pages about different things, like you and your pals and the city you're from and things you've done and bands you've been in and everything like that. You make new pages and add new content and it's basically like a more in-depth friendster, or a cross-referenced livejournal, or an encyclopedia of your life. it's also a hell of a lot of fun.

almost every single page can be edited by someone with an account, so you can talk about your mom, or how Eric Marth broke your heart, or how Waffle House doesn't have enough tables that sit more than four people, or constantly erase pages that someone makes called "Soma's girlfriends & flings", or how San Diego's Denny's isn't the best place to get the Meat Lover's Skillet. or, you know, WHATEVER.

Just check it the hell out, make an account, and edit your life away! Sometimes it can be rough to get started, so if you've got questions, don't hesitate to hit me up on AIM at somabusparlkzx.

[17 Nov 2004|01:31am]
yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!

this dec comic made me want to die, several times. originally it was just going to be the hedgehog in the ninth panel going "1998!", buuuut then i was peer pressured into putting words in. i can't comprehend how i can work on something like this for five hours.

i will admit that it is, on at least one level, maybe sliiightly influenced by katamari damashi. or, perhaps, on many levels, very deeply. the biggest influence is me being hell-ass tired and ready to sleep, though. tomorrow i will engage in cautious battle against my CCFA test, which is a take home due exactly a day earlier than i thought it was. hip hip!

p.s., i lengthened this entry with tripe so that it would give the appearance that i am in fact using this to, you know, journalize my life. fooled you!

[09 Nov 2004|10:56pm]
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[04 Nov 2004|03:21pm]
so i got a whole page in the dec this week, and although it might not make sense to you, you've gotta admit it's a half-decent looking comic.

on another note, which i will of course discuss more later, since of course i update this thing all of the time, my brother is coming up for the weekend!
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[15 Oct 2004|11:42am]
yeah, i don't post anything in here, but i saw these awhile ago, and they're hilarious, so eat 'em up.

If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 1
If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 2
If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 3
If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 4
If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 5

[06 Oct 2004|12:00am]
new dec comic, hot off the presses. i figured i'd had enough with my old 'oh look this is zany and nonsensical' style and in order to keep it fresh i had to change a bit. and by 'change' i mean 'theft it up from edward gorey.' lots of people seem to not be too pleased, but to them i say: ha!
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[29 Sep 2004|12:27am]
i'm thinking about casting aside my livejournal and going the blog route. maaaybe. in the meantime, another dec comic, this one being an especial no-goodnik. and when i say that, whatever you take it to mean, what i'm really saying, in no secret agent codespeak, is "this comic is not a good comic." this post sucks and isn't entertaining in the slightest.
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[25 Sep 2004|09:22pm]
dear uva kids,

if you like singing or dancing or acting or acapellaing or anything like that, maybe guerilla troupe is right for you. if it isn't, it's still neat, regardless.

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[25 Sep 2004|03:47pm]
so i just completed the qcf: a videogame festival site after about two and a half hours of of making-stuff-up work. one might notice that it seem to resemble thousands of other quickly-created-by-me websites, but especially the tyrannosaurus rock website that i made in approximately half an hour. I guess i just typed a lot more for qcf. and can you believe i didn't use any pixel art or game sprites or blocky fonts on that page? i just couldn't find anything i liked.

and okay, really, i'm just proud of the goddamn logo. isn't it incredible? i think it's the first time i've used adobe illustrator, and i think i did all right.

i'm exceptionally glad that i jump-started myself into starting some binc stuff this semester, seeing as how (apparently) last year we were having our first flashmob in like 5 days from now. i'd like to have guerilla musicals start in november, but i don't know, it might be too cold by then. we'll see, we'll see. maybe i'll make a website for that tomorrow. OR MAYBE MAYBE WE'LL HAVE THE FIRST MUSICAL INSIDE OF THE DINING HALL! aladdin can wait until spring! can anyone think of a good song to sing for the inside of a dining hall?

anyway, i've barely updated the games list, and i haven't heard about from the gamers club, so maybe binc will have to drown ourselves in the thick pudding of qcf to make things function well.
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a terrible mistake [22 Sep 2004|01:10am]
now i'm not sure whether this is self-promotion if i think these comics are hilarious, but they somehow happen to be mine, but for the next few minutes i'll be a nihilist and do what i can:

oh wait, first, i think i just walked into my dorm and caught two people making out in a corner by the door??? boy did they look sheepish.

anyway, a few weeks ago the dec had a ton of non-filled-with-ads space, so dexter asked me to fill up half a page for them with a comic. and so i did. and and here it is.

so then next week i stumbled into it again.

aaand the week after that TFA died. so, with her death fresh on my pencil like rotting flesh on the tongue, i made this strip. wherever you are, TFA, it's all yours.

and so this week i didn't have a damned idea what was going on. eat it up. you even get it a whole day or two before the real dec comes out!

let me explain something to you about these comics: they are way too long. in case you don't notice, my brain stops working at, consistently enough, the third-to-last panel. i can usually make it almost 100% of the way in my cav daily strip, but really, i've been doing this for too long to have any humor left. i need to be put out to pasture, and maybe i could be like those horses that just has sex with other horses all day, all in the hopes that maybe one'll give birth to a mane-èd child who can write comics too. hopefully the horse i was having sex with could draw, then it'd be totally killer.

to close: could i have a more self-involved post? hell no! i think i've held humility under the water for a whole twenty minutes and it sure won't change before i hit the submit button.
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festival of the game [21 Sep 2004|07:50pm]
sometime next month Bedlam, Inc. is going to bring to UVa that will, well, go somewhat unnoticed, i guess, but it will still be hella fun.

the preliminarily-named Festival of the Game will be multiple (?) days of the most intense videogaming ever seen at TJ's ol' University. It is going to be a series of tournaments in the latest and greatest (and oldest and boldest) competitive-minded videogames, possibly bringing bloodshed, but probably also bringing fun. Games will be played, i'm hoping, in the kally and maybe on the sides of some buildings. for the rad venues extend thanks to Luke Stacks, who actually went to the reservations office to see if he could reserve the kally for us through brown. also his doing that galvanized me to spend more than 4 hours thinking about how cool it would be, so once this does happen it's even more his fault.

i've been thinking about which games to play, and i'm not sure yet whether it will be a case of trying to think of more games or if we'll have to have tough culling decisions. here's some i've thought of: (and by thought of i mean can think of right now, and they aren't necessarily great ones.)

Dance Dance Revolution (hoo knows what mix(es), though)
Bomberman (Team Play?)
Street Fighter II Turbo
Mortal Kombat
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Hot Shots Golf Fore!
Mario Kart
Chu Chu Rocket
Samba De Amigo if we found someone with maraca controllers
one of those volleyball games. super smash?

i swear i've thought of more, but i'm not sure what they were now. help me out and give me ideas about more games, more angles, more anything, faithful livejournal readers! it is through your blood, sweat and tears that i am able to bleed, perspirate and cry!
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[14 Sep 2004|10:40am]

she is now sitting on the bottom of her tank (aren't they supposed to float?) after dying peacefully in my sleep. at the very least she lived up to her name.
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ERRYFISH IN DA TANK GETTIN' TIPS [12 Sep 2004|10:30pm]
i feel like 'fish' should be short for something, like 'phone' being short for 'telephone.' but it isn't.

since you brought fish up, let me introduce you to mine:

j'ai un poisson
fishy fishy

she's sort of new, and her name is TFA, which stands for Temporary Fish A since, as you might know, she had like an 80% chance of dying rather quickly once bought. somehow, though, she's toughed it out for about a week, so now you all can meet her since odds are about 50-50 live-or-die.

since my livejournal audience is a bunch of fucking perverts: no i did not look up her skirt to check her sex. simply enough she is a black molly, and just like ladybugs, no self-respecting fishologist would give some fish a name like that unless exactly all of them were girls. so, It's A Girl.

this post would really suck if i left it here, i know. in the same way that boys are judged by their cars and girls by their pearls [wahoo-wa] or whatever, you can judge a fish by the tank it lives in. so, without further ado, i present the most important part of the post:

if you have a fish you might as well put it somewhere, +3Collapse )

it's behind a cut so you'll have to take the laborious step of clicking and committing in order to look at the death-defying pictures.
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[02 Sep 2004|10:09pm]
dear livejournal readers,

if you approve of what is happening as we speak at the RNC, you deserve to die.

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freeipods.com: oh god here i go. [27 Aug 2004|03:00pm]
ok, i know i'm a complete son of a bitch for doing this, but i've got freeipods.com on the mind, the free and the ipod part, specifically. if you haven't heard of it yet, read my post, then poke around the internet some.

how does the scam work?

well, it works just like how rebate offer works. sure that stuff at best buy is cheap after rebates, but will you really send that rebate in? i'm sure you will, aaron, but i don't know if everyone else has your buying power. freeipods works the same. the freeipods people make a certain amount of loot every time they get someone to act as a referrer and sign up for AOL or rhapsody or columbia house or whatever, and in doing so they make money. sure, it's easy enough to sign up for and cancel a free offer after you've got credit for it, but how easy it is to convince five of your friends to run on into this oh-boy-it-looks-like-a-scam? if you don't get the five required, freeipods never has to give you that free ipod, so they end up making money on the referrals. in the rare event that you can con enough of your friends, then they lose some.

so, uh, what's up?

so, hey, a little experimentation never hurt anyone. i am, yes, going to do this deal. in fact, i already signed up for over a thousand free hours of AOL. what the hell am i going to do with aol while i'm at school? i'm gonna suck it dry for ipods is what i'm going to do. or rather, just sign on once and then wait until freeipods.com tells me the purchase was verified, then cancel it. i've got 50 days!

[just to let you know, my referrer link is http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=8394284, and the email address i used to sign up was jsoma@walla.com (if you need that)]

although most of my pressuring-people-to-sign-up will be done in real life, i figure the internet is a decent way to do it, too. so here's some links to guides and stuff if you'd rather trust them than me:

information/guides: gmmfan.com, some half-decent analysis of their business model, a good one

'it is real' stuff: a wired article, a new york sun article, their listing on the better business bureau, the bottom of this page has a bunch of 'proof' links, really good links, another

there's a lot of other sites with info on them out there, so you might as well google them and check them out.

allay my fears!

so, you're probably a little worried. let's talk about it:

i don't want to spend any money

you aren't, you just have to cancel the AOL account after freeipods tells you it's been verified.

i am giving up my credit card number to a crazy site

you aren't. you're giving it up to AOL, who have the credit card numbers of like 20% of america. they don't charge it, and you just have to make sure to cancel it before your 50 days are up.

i don't know that this works

no, you don't. but you aren't losing anything in the process.

i can't convince five friends

hey, if you do this for me, i'll give you ten bucks. that's ten bucks for like ten minutes of your time. i'd rather give you undying gratitude than ten bucks, but if it's ten bucks you want, then it's ten bucks you'll get.

you're a complete idiot. i would have expected more from you.

yeah i know. hell, we all love ipods. might as well give it a shot.

so what's your referrer link, since you've convinced me, and i'm totally going to do this?

http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=8394284, and the email address i used was jsoma@walla.com

oh, and as for a free email service you should use for this, don't use anything fancy like hotmail or gmail, they'll block the freeipods thing as spam. i'd recommend walla.com, it seems to've just worked for me!

p.s. i'm well aware none of you are going to do this.
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how to wire stuff, and build aquiariums, and stuff. [24 Aug 2004|05:54pm]
let's have a little talk about something that, as of today, has become near and dear to my heart: wiring.

let's talk about lamps, specifically. you know how lamps work? you have the wires from the wall, and they plug into the little lightbulb socket. and that's it!* you totally apparently don't need the following:

XOR gates
resin core solder

i'm just amazed by the simplicity of it all, and how it isn't really the magic i thought it was, and maybe you'll find it interesting, too. this weekend me and brian gawalt are going to wire up my fishtank to make it AWESOME.

oh let's talk about fish tanks while we're at it!

two nights ago i decided i was going to make a fish tank. it's a special fish tank, so i couldn't just buy it, i had to manufacture it. lowe's was sort of scary, so instead of asking someone to cut me some glass (which i figured would be expensive [wrong!]) i bought some lightweight plasticy glass-replacement stuff (which i figured would be cheaper [wrong!]) without asking anyone about it. i also bought some of that generic two-compounds-you-mix-together stuff to make my tank stick together.

after trying to score the plastic stuff and then snap it and realizing that the way it advertised itself was complete propaganda, i broke out the dremel that i'm probably going to return and cut myself a few sheets of plastic that would serve as my tank. i then epoxied it together. wonderful? then i needed to seal it, bark bark bark.

100% silicone aquarium sealant can be found at any good store that sells fish stuff, i suppose. come of the tubes are small and are used to fix leaks, but i got a larger tube and spread it down eeeevery single joint of my tank. did you know it takes 48 hours to cure completely? it's true! also if you don't get aquarium safe sealant your fish will suck on it like sweet poison and die slow marine deaths.

another fact is that while i am also using it to seal the water off from the most-probably-toxic-to-fish epoxy, it turns out that you can just use the aquarium sealant to stick the glass together in the first place. if you ever build your own fish tank, remember that! you will not have ugly brown lines all over yours, and yours will triumph over mine, and it will be great.

i know this post is a string of facts, but i don't even care, all i care about is my fish tank, and how i bought a 2-10 gallon water filter, but it sucks and is huge, and i'm going to take it back, and you can't find 2 gallon undergravel water filters anywhere, and that's un cool.

i don't care that this post is just a string of facts, they're facts you need to know, and i'm going to take a nap or something.

*all information is information i just learned from the internet, so maybe i'm going to light myself on fire, accidentally.
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